DAKOTA Traction™ is the first choice for home traction used by most of our clients. Patients love the simplicity. Doctors love the corrections.

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Purpose: To be used as an aid in restoring the cervical lordosis.

Mechanism: Unit acts to stretch tight, contracted, soft tissue on the anterior aspect of the spine in order to allow the spine to return to a more normal, lordotic, posture. Compression traction force is provided with a single elastic band over the forehead which loads force onto the skull inferiorly bringing the neck into full extension.  Tension is fully adjustable and remains constant from session to session.

Comments: NO weights, NO springs, and NO hassles. Effective, simple, compression traction. This is the original unit of this type. We have lots of copycats but no one matches our quality, service, or price. The units are durable and affordable. Compression traction has been shown to work well for all neck configurations.

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